Gameday Go-To's

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Where did you go to college? Georgia Southern University 

What team do you cheer for? Georgia Bulldawgs

Biggest rivalry? Alabama

Favorite gameday tradition? I always loved going to the Dawg walk as a child and even now!

Favorite tailgate food? My mom would always get Publix chicken tenders to tailgate and they are still my favorite tailgate food!

What’s the earliest you’ve gotten up to tailgate? As a child probably 7 am. As a college around 11 (haha) and as an adult- whenever the baby wakes up!

What gameday outfit will you wear from MeMe's? I will be wearing our red and black boots tee with my black skort!

Avoly's Gameday Go-Tos
Roll Feather Sweater Tank // Queen of Sports Feather Sweater Tank // Tigers Sweater Feather Tank // Go Dawgs Napkins- Two Colors // Go Dawgs Cups- Two Colors // Fringe Boots Tee- Two Colorways // Bulldog Earring // Black Sequin Poof Sleeve Top + Black Sequin Skort

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