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Style Guide

  • Queen of Sparkles
    October 26, 2022 Ansley Pridgen

    Queen of Sparkles

    Look cute at a Christmas sweater party, be festive at work or school, and celebrate in a fun sweater as your kids meet Santa! All the Queen of Sparkles Christmas Sweaters feature your favorite Christmas saying with the classic Queen of Sparkles twist. 
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  • Night Out Edit
    October 13, 2022 Ansley Pridgen

    Night Out Edit

    Fun, fall cocktail parties are always tricky to dress for. We’re here to help! FInd fall styles that are perfect for a girls’ night out, cocktail party, or Christmas party in December. It’s called Funky Town for a reason, this...

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  • Fall Loungewear
    September 28, 2022 Ansley Pridgen

    Fall Loungewear

    Fall is for lounging. The sun starts setting a little earlier, the temperatures are crisp, and what’s better than a great Halloween movie? Our fall loungewear is essential for peak coziness all season long. 
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  • Vibrant Fall Colors
    September 15, 2022 Ansley Pridgen

    Vibrant Fall Colors

    Gear up for fall in our newest arrivals from Emily McCarthy! The Lolli Top and Lolli Sweater (it’s a sweater but in a traditional tunic style!) are an easy silhouette for fall. They’re a closet staple and easily pair with your favorite bottoms like denim, white pants, or leather leggings. 

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  • Fall Trends: Emerald + Olive
    August 18, 2022 Ansley Pridgen

    Fall Trends: Emerald + Olive

    Green tones are making a big showing on the scene this fall! We're loving these rich emerald and olive pieces, green is our favorite color, after all! These simple wardrobe staples will be on repeat for you all season long....

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  • Watermelon Sugar 🍉
    July 19, 2022 Ansley Pridgen

    Watermelon Sugar 🍉

    Pink and green is an all time favorite color combination. Reminiscent of a juicy slice of watermelon by the pool, this color combination is a look good, feel good choice - perfect for everyone!  Pink Silk Clutch w/ Oversized Bow...

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