Southern Belle Coffee


It's Fall Y'all :  Pumpkin Spice makes Fall twice as nice!  Something
we look forward to each year! 

Well I Do Eclair:  A special blend of chocolate, caramel and creme flavors.
Based on the Southern saying "Well I do declare" as uttered
by many a Belle throughout history. 

Terrific Teacher Truffle:  Chocolate truffles for terrific teachers!  Let's keep
those educators caffeinated y'all.  They need it!

Jamaican Momma Crazy:  A special mom-approved blend of Kahlua, caramel
and vanilla. Don't make momma crazy - let her enjoy
her coffee in peace.  *Best Seller

Belle of the Ball:  Our signature blend of caramel, pecan and rum flavors.  Belle of the Ball for a reason - she's our #1 Best Seller!

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